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Some things to consider:

Traditional Wedding Reception Events: These are some of the traditional events that
can take place at your wedding reception. You can choose to include all or some or
none of them at yours, at your discretion. You may also choose to add events not listed here. These events may vary in order, as you prefer.

Cocktail Hour: Background music while your guests mingle and get acquainted.

Introducing you and your wedding party: This is when you are introduced to your family and friends for the first time as a married couple. It is also when your wedding party is introduced to your guests. This is one area where a professional MC makes all the difference; from announcing your names correctly to making the event even more exciting.

Introducing your parents: As above, your parents will appreciate a smooth introduction.

Your First Dance Together: This is your day to shine and show your friends and family
and each other how much you love each other. Choose a song you both like, you both can dance to and that expresses your feelings to your friends and family and to each other. Please take a look at my 1st Dance List for ideas.

Dinner Music: During dinner, you and your guests may appreciate quieter music for

The Toast: This is the time when your best man and / or your maid of honor have an
opportunity to express their wishes for your future happiness.

Party Music: As your professional DJ, I will get you and your guests up and dancing. The
music played at your reception will be fun and entertaining for you and your guests.
And of course, I take requests!

Cutting the Cake: The Bride and Groom cut the first piece of wedding cake, symbolizing
their union. Then they feed the cake to each other, symbolizing how they will care for
each other. And of course, it's a photo opportunity for your guests.

Father/Daughter Dance: Here is an opportunity for you and your father to share a few
quiet moments together. I have music for this dance or you may choose something that
is special to you and your father. Please see my Special Music List.

Mother/Son Dance: Here again, is an opportunity for you and your mother to share a
few quiet moments together. I also have music for this dance or you may choose
something that is special to you and your mother. Please see my Special Music List.

Tossing the Bouquet: The bride tosses her bouquet to all the eligible women at the
reception to pick the next woman to be married.

Tossing The Garter: The groom removes the garter from the brides leg, tosses it to the
eligible men at the reception, thereby choosing the next man to marry. The future
groom can then place the garter on the leg of the future bride. This can be allot of fun
for you and your guests.

Dollar Dance: Your friends and family give you money and dance with you for a few
moments, enjoying some quiet conversation and some happy wishes with you as well.

Other Special Dances and Events not listed: If you would like to have an event or
tradition that I have not included in this list, please feel free to contact me to discuss
how I can accommodate your wishes. After all, it's your wedding day...


Working with YOU!: The most important event at your wedding reception is you! I will
not "take over" your wedding day. As a professional DJ, I will accommodate YOU and
help to make your wedding day the one you've always dreamed of...

Working with the Photographer/Videographer: As a professional DJ, I have worked with
many photographers and videographers to coordinate the events of countless wedding

Working with the Restaurant/Caterers: From the toast to cutting the cake, ... I work with
your restaurant or caterer to keeping it all running smoothly at your wedding reception
so you don't have to.


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