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Why use a DJ instead of live music?

  • Price: Bands, even smaller ones, usually cost twice as much, or more,
    than a Disc Jockey would.
  •    Quality: DJ's play the ORIGINAL Music, the way everyone knows it.  
    Bands may play the same songs, but they probably won't be as recognizable
    to you and your guests and if they don't practice regularly, they may not
    sound good at all.  DJ's don't have to practice their music, it's from the
    original artist!
  •    Quantity: DJ's have THOUSANDS of songs available with a very wide
    variety of music type., Bands usually know how to play less than 100 songs
    and the variety is usually limited.  Remember, you want ALL your guests, young
    AND old to have a good time.
  •    Requests: DJ's can accommodate requests from you and your guests
    most of the time.  Most bands don't take requests, except in advance, and
    cannot play them if they don't know the song.
  •    Versatility: DJ's can play the music for your Ceremony, Cocktails, Dinner
    And Dancing; including those special songs you want to hear.  They can
    also MC events, like Cake Cutting.  Bands have to learn those special songs
    and rarely go out into the audience.
  •    Availability: Bands take breaks; usually 15 minutes every hour which
    means you may lose some guests before all the important events are done.  
    Our DJ's make sure the music never stops, so your guests can keep
    dancing all night long and we mix in the events throughout your reception.

Non-Stop Music:  DJ's play music non-stop, usually no pause time from one
song to the next.  Bands end each song, and then pause while they decide   
which song to play next.  
This 'breaks up' the dancing after every song.  

  •    Loudness:  Our DJ's periodically check the sound levels, from the
    audienceís perspective, so the music is never too loud or too quiet.  Bands
    usually end up playing too loud because they cannot perform 'in-the-
    audience' checks because they must stay onstage.

In short, a Disc Jockey provides you with the widest range of quality sound
and music for a bargain price and they don't take breaks every hour!

The Right Music...
Having a Disc Jockey you can trust to handle all the important details, and be your
master of ceremonies is very important. Where your Disc Jockey should really
shine, is knowing what music will entertain your guests, and get them out to the
dance floor. As a general rule, the guests will not dance until after the Bride and
Groom have had their first dance. This may be followed immediately by any other
special dances you choose, such as the bride and her father and groom and his
mother, etc... In most cases your Disc Jockey will kick off the dance portion of your
reception after the special dances. Your Disc Jockeys should also introduce
themselves to your guests, and assure them they will be more than happy to
accept any danceable requests. This brings your guests up to the dance floor, so
they donít begin to feel left out.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Disc Jockeys
And Your Wedding/Reception
"They'll Forget the Food, but They'll Remember the Fun!!"

All the planning is now behind you. Youíve made the walk down the aisle; youíve
proclaimed your love, exchanged glistening gold wedding bands...
Congratulations, you are now Man and Wife!! Now itís time to relax, unwind and
forget all the stress, and letís celebrate your day with family and friends!  
Things to Expect....
First, your photographer may want to take a few more pictures at the church, or
function hall.  You should allow for 3-5 minutes for each person being
photographed.  If you have 12 people in the Wedding Party, including the Bride
and Groom, then it will probably take 35 - 60 minutes for pictures.
Next, itís off to be greeted by all who have come together for your wedding day.  
Donít be surprised to receive enthusiastic congratulations as your Disc Jockey /
Master of Ceremonies welcomes you... They are about to have the pleasure of
announcing your Grand Entrance, one of the things we enjoy the most!!  And for
the next few hours, it will be their job to lead the festivities, play the music that is
important to you and your guests, and keep the reception running smoothly.  
Music is in fact, one of the most important and memorable parts of a reception.
Weeks or months later, reception guests seldom remember the meal, but always
remember if the entertainers have done a great job!!

Who Coordinates The Reception?
The main reason wedding couples choose a Disc Jockey, is the selection of music
can span across a wide variety of ages and tastes. Your Disc Jockey will also act
as Master of Ceremonies, to help maintain the proper flow during the reception.
Your Disc Jockey coordinates with your photographer, to ensure you get the best
photos for your wedding album; They coordinate with your function facility, to
ensure everyone involved with your function knows exactly what is happening at all
times.  So while you may be thinking of a Disc Jockey just for the music, it is
important to consult with them a few weeks before your wedding day, to discuss
the desired order of events.  The toast, cutting of the wedding cake, and the
bouquet and garter toss are just a few.  As your Disc Jockey will be introducing you
and your wedding party, it is important they know the pronunciation of all the
names.  Your Disc Jockey will usually ask for the phonetic spelling of any
challenging names.

Proper Planning...
Proper planning for your wedding day should include giving your Disc Jockey a
guideline of the types of music (Dance, Country, Oldies, Etc.) that you would like to
be played. This does not mean that you need to pick each and every song.
Remember, that's why you are hiring a professional in the first place. Keep in mind
that you would like all your guests to be satisfied, so be sure to tell your Disc
Jockey the age ranges of your guests. Also let your Disc Jockey know of any
specific songs, or artistís you are fond of to be sure they have them on hand.

Enjoy Yourself!!
Remember.... Your wedding day is a time to celebrate.... So relax, dance, and
enjoy yourself!! Your Disc Jockeys are professionals, and should ensure all these
details are completed long before your special day.
I hope this brief summary has helped guide you in choosing your entertainment. If
you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime...


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